Everyone on Facebook’s monitoring board should resign

Facebook Oversite The board is deciding whether Donald Trump should be allowed to return to a platform where he incited racist violence.

Although the board has the authority to make this decision, Facebook itself will make the final call. Since the board’s inception in 2018, we’ve noticed that it’s The energy is confusing. It provides cover for Facebook, enabling accountability and even enabling and promoting hate and disinformation.

The board is ineffective by design, so why has Facebook exacerbated Trump’s lies about Covid-1 and the epidemic, even though it has done nothing over the past year. The board’s toothlessness became even more pronounced as Facebook allowed Trump to repeat his claims of election fraud, which sparked a deadly white-supremacist uprising in the U.S. capital in January. Platform giant suspended his Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Facebook’s business model has benefited from much more publicity than the hate and propaganda spread by Trump. No decision of the board will change that. If board members really want to make an impact, they must all resign.

Not surprisingly, the board’s influential roster of influential lawyers and human rights experts has not been able to control Facebook’s toxicity. The company designed the board to be ineffective. This so-called distinct entity highlights the presence of autonomy and authority, but it is powerful to make structural changes to Facebook’s deeply flawed content-addition process.

Facebook has claimed that the board’s decisions will be binding, but its actions do not inspire much confidence. It narrowed the initial field of board review to content removal and recently expanded it. Content left (And Only Facebook may ask the board to review other issues). In all cases, Facebook controls the entire content-review and appeal process, and any user must exhaust all their options through Facebook before applying to the board. And the company is very vague about how it decides what content can be applied or not.

The Observation Board a Tiny fractions Appeals filed through Facebook with a maximum 90-day judicial process. It can talk to experts, report to commissions and ask for comments from the public. Ironically, while the board shows transparency as one of its main pillars, the comment process may not be desirable. It needs a rude victim to find its open cases on its website.

Until the end, the board may also make policy recommendations as part of its decision, but these are just suggestions that Facebook can take or leave.

It is clear that a board bankrolled by Facebook will never be allowed to deal with the hatred and disinformation that drives the company’s business model of excitement. The board cannot hold Facebook accountable for this Unnecessary application of its rules regarding world leaders. Facebook cannot hold the account for this Trump’s rhetoric actively promotes and neglects the health and safety of its users, especially those identified by caste, people and others who hate health and have been identified by hate groups and Facebook as their habitat.

Facebook controls every step of the board’s activities, creating a clever Catch-22: Restoring banned content means Facebook was “wrong”, allowing the board to claim independence. But keeping the controversial content off the network could make Facebook “correct” and the board is keeping an eye on Facebook. Ultimately the board is not really able to influence the kind of change that will protect users and strengthen our democracy.

That is why it is time for the members of Oversite to show their professionalism and resign. By rejecting the premise that Facebook can be run by an official government entity, its members can gain some confidence in their respective fields and overcome obstacles to doing more important things.

Facebook should focus on what we know we should do: create clearer standards, increase transparency, and continue to strive to enforce its rules. We all know that is not enough. We need it too Public policy solution Which will uplift the profitable business model for profit. Facebook alone cannot and will not fix itself.

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