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I am sorry to inform you all that we Reached the top of the polishing cloth. I take full responsibility for myself Small part Let us get to this point.

Gag was simple: Looked here and Talk to me about one more unpleasant Apple accessory! Internet Click claims, And don’t get more clicks than something that is too expensive when it shouldn’t be. It was, as we say in the shitposting industry, somewhat.

Don’t get me wrong. Apple polishing cloth The thing is stupid. The $ 19 The glorious Microfiber Square is now back in oblivion. But after talking about my piece of cloth, I thought it would go to a black hole where a lot Forgot The blog has died before. The news cycle is always churning, and as a species we need to constantly focus on creating / sending entertainment, annoyances or memes.. Inspired by a stupid $ 19 cloth All three, but the internet also has a Godfly’s attention span. It’s only a matter of time before Apple releases the “next” polishing cloth.

I asked my editor, Caitlin McGarry, who came across an Apple polishing cloth last year while reviewing a nano-textured 27-inch iMac., How he will describe the product: “It feels like a luxury, I can only say,” she said. It’s bater than a Microfiber cloth, But not something he would actually spend his own money on. This is probably what all of us should have come to the normal conclusion.

But alas, we are here. iFixit did Tear off. (Surprise, it actually is Two Glue the clothes together.) New York Times Has revealed a semi-ridiculous, overly serious investigation into the fabric. Here A Twitter parody account. Some are asshat It is being sold on eBay For $ 48, and another asshat out there will probably buy it. Apple is probably looking at all this with confusion, to give free marketing for something that is not so worthy of attention, His billion count. As of this writing, the fabric has been back-ordered in early January. You fox. Polishing cloth tricks weren’t supposed to turn out that way, And really, it was on top of the second Elon Musk Tweet about it.

I wondered why it made me so mad, But I think I figured it out.

This whole cycle is frustrating, as there is so much in the technology media these days as we dive into the future of our dystopian metavers. We bloggers are therefore somewhat stupid Sting So what fun Our best work? OhAre you the most meaningful? Not particularly, but life is hard. Sometimes a smile that takes you all day and so, you can have as much fun as possible. After all, Google has an algorithm, And if someone is going to focus on good things, we have to talk about stupid things too. You do it because the good thing is why you log in every day, Why you deal Asinine forces You can’t control. You do it because when you get it right, it feels the best in the world, And you will chase that feeling until you can no longer.

But stupid dumb things that make people laugh inevitably become Distorted into something that wasn’t supposed to happen. It is co-opted by Elon Musk of the world, the corporate dingbat who has more hair than the brain who somehow retains all the power. I, a lowly writer, can’t do anything about it, even though I’ve been involved this whole time. I just wish we could enjoy the stupid funny thing a little more.

You can be Thought: MeIt’s not that serious. This is only a $ 19 polishing cloth. But It wasn’t about polishing clothes.

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