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For the article titled Exercise, Image Can Improve Brain Health in People Who Already Have Symptoms Of Dementia

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New research adds evidence that Exercise can improve Consciousness, Especially later In life. Studies have shown that older people who exercised regularly had higher levels of protein, which is important for brain health, than those who did not exercise. This was the difference Apparently even Exercise can be done in those whose brains have otherwise shown possible signs of dementia Slowly The progress of cognitive decline.

The study was conducted by scientists in the United States, Canada and Spain. They analyzed data from an existing research project for older adults, Memory and aging projects Run out of Rush University of Illinois. As part of the project, volunteers go through annual medical examinations, including measurements of their physical activity. And after death, they agreed to donate their organs, including their brains, for further research.

The team watched In their 70’s and 80’s, more than 400 volunteers measured their physical activity over the years and donated to study their brains. As well as checking For symptoms of neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, they test Brain tissue for the presence of proteins important for synaptic function, which are required for nerve cells to communicate with each other and With Other cells.

Overall, they It has been found that adults have higher levels of this synaptic protein during higher levels of physical activity. This association was also seen in people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia in the brain, such as plaque and tangles. The results of the study were Published This month Alzheimer’s and Dementia: Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association.

“The more physical activity, the higher the level of synaptic protein in the brain tissue. It suggests that every movement counts when it comes to brain health, “said study author Caitlin Casaletto, an assistant professor of neurology at the University of California, San Francisco’s Memory and Aging Center. To say CNN.

Such research can only show a relationship between exercise and brain health, not a true cause and effect. But there are other studies Recommended Regular exercise from that middle to later life may prevent or delay the symptoms of cognitive decline. “One of the ways that exercise helps is to keep our synaptic function stable as we get older,” Casaleto said.

The optimal amount of exercise is considered to be at least 150 minutes per week. But this and Other research Seems to find Any amount of physical activity can improve the aging brain, unless it is done regularly.

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