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Hurricane Ida 2021 is responsible for more economic losses than any other weather or climate disaster.

Hurricane Ida 2021 is responsible for more economic losses than any other weather or climate disaster.
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Regular readers of Arthur will find that there was no shortage of apocalyptic weather disasters in the United States last year. In Texas, the pipe burst and froze Per Heat in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean In one The endless parade of fires Blended for good measurement. Now, a new one Report The National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI) provides further details on the economic and humanitarian costs associated with tragic changes in climate change.

The agency chronicled 20 weather events in a report released Monday that collectively cost the U.S. economy at least 145 billion. Each of these climatic events individually has caused at least $ 1 billion in damage. The report further estimates that last year’s extreme weather events led to 688 deaths across the United States, indicating that we will not be able to adapt to a way out of the increasingly violent climate.

The tropical storms had the biggest economic impact in 2021, causing ক্ষতি 78.5 billion in damage. Of this, $ 74 billion came Hurricane Ida, The storm left a tail of destruction from Louisiana to New York.

Winter storms followed their tropical counterparts, causing 24 billion in damage. Extreme storms and fires have cost the country $ 20.4 billion and $ 10.6 billion, respectively. The The most severe weather event The 2021 was a series of droughts and heat waves that spread across the west, killing 229 people a year. (It should be noted, however, that other analyzes have only determined the death toll in the Pacific Northwest heatwave. Further up. For the same Texas cold snap.)

These figures are even worse when compared with the previous year. The 20 meteorological events costing more than 1 billion in 2021 exceeded the average of about seven similar meteorological events annually between 1980 and 2021. Of the 310 weather events recorded in the last 41 years, ক্ষ 1 billion is at the top of losses, with 2021 alone accounting for more than 15. % Of them.

In the last five years alone, weather and climate disasters have cost the U.S. economy $ 742.1 billion and killed nearly 4,519 people. Surprising tolls reflect a few trends. One is the increasingly violent climate where heat waves are more intense, hurricanes can cause more damage, and wildfires are intensified by the burning of fossil fuels.

“Climate change is contributing to the increasing frequency of certain types of extreme weather that lead to billions of dollars of catastrophe,” the author noted.“The most significant increase is the risk of drought, the prolongation of wildfires in the western states and the possibility of very heavy rainfall in the eastern states.”

Driving loss statistics is another factor People are increasingly living in disaster prone areas. The population and area of ​​the coastal county where the forest meets the town known as the city Wildlife-urban interface This combination of balloons has put people and infrastructure in a climate bulge — and all damage will continue unless confirmed. Climate change is getting worse and worse.

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