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File photo of Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro coughing at the Planalto Palace on December 9, 2020.

The file shows the picture Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro is coughing December 9, 2020 at the Planalto Palace.
Pictures: Andre Borges (Getty Images)

A bizarre video message from Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro posted on Facebook on Friday was finally deleted on Monday morning because it spread misinformation about the Covid-19. What did Bolsonaro say in the video that could be so bad that it needs to be deleted to break Facebook’s rules? Bolsonaro claims in the video that the Covid-19 vaccine is giving people AIDS.

“People who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 are developing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome much faster than expected,” Bolsonaro said, according to the English translation. France 24.

Bolsonaro’s claim that the vaccines are linked to AIDS comes from a debunked internet rumor that is going viral in anti-vaccine circles, possibly citing the British government.

“I suggest you read the article,” Bolsonaro said in the now-deleted video, without explaining which article he was referring to.

But Bolsonaro clearly knew he was spreading nonsense, as he even mentioned that giving too much information about this conspiracy theory could lead to him being banned from Facebook.

“I’m not going to read it here,” Bolsonaro said of the article, “because I don’t want to lose my Facebook live video.”

Why bother mentioning the anonymous article if you knew it was so rubbish it would likely interfere with your video? That part is not clear. But Bolsonaro, who contracted Covid-19 but survived, has become a major obstacle for Brazilians to be vaccinated against Covid-19, the only thing that will stop the coronavirus epidemic in the long run.

Facebook did not respond to Gizmodo’s request for comment overnight, and it’s not clear if the video took so long to delete if it was really against the social media giant’s terms of service.

Bolsonaro, a far-right ally of other authoritarians such as Donald Trump, has been accused by Brazilian lawmakers of crimes against humanity for his response to the Covid-19 epidemic, which has killed more than 606,000 people. Bolsonaro’s hostility to Brazil’s indigenous population and the unnecessary deaths of indigenous peoples have been described as particularly heinous.

“Even before the epidemic, President Zaire Bolsonaro pointed out an anti-tribal policy that deliberately exposed the local people to lack of support, harassment, land invasion and violence. This complete hostility intensified after the advent of the virus,” the draft report said. According to the copy Guardian.

“By allowing the virus to spread, he caused death and suffering from afar. Continued harassment and intentional negligence, combined with the epidemic, were worse than weapons, ”the report continues.

Brazil has an average of about 11,000 new Covid-19 cases per day, with a seven-day average of 334 new deaths per day. And although it is currently much better than the United States, Brazil has a smaller population.

More than 105,500 new cases and 1,591 new deaths of Covid-19 were reported in the United States on Monday. Most of those currently dying in Covid-19 are Vaccinated.

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