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Image is launching another new product for the article titled Facebook that you will never use

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To deepen its investment New audio experience, Facebook has launched a designated “Audio” tab in its mobile app where users in the United States will soon be able to access podcasts, live audio rooms and short form sound bites.

Although “Facebook is entering the podcast” may be a Visually annoying For many reasons sentence, the platform has been in the new audio format for some time. Facebook launched it first Podcast products Back in June, which allowed manufacturers to integrate their audio content directly onto their page for their listening and distribution. And podcasts aren’t the only audio content that will create its new mobile hub: Live Audio Room, Clubhouse’s Facebook Answers, Audio tabs will also feature a feature, such as SoundBytes-Facebook’s short-form audio product platform to attract tickling users.

According to TechCrunch, The new ‘audio’ destination will make great use of the algorithms used by TickTock and Instagram, which will help users find content from both the manufacturers they follow and the new discovery by a personalized recommendation method. The hub will become more personalized for each user’s interests and preferences, based on which recommendations you will listen to which audio selection and which type of content you add the most.

While the idea of ​​Facebook’s potential to spread fraud through new forms of easily malicious content is enough to blow anyone away, the platform assures that it is creating a toolkit to easily identify, identify, and content that goes beyond its community standards.

For now, the new audio tab is confusing in the ‘Watch’ section of the Facebook mobile app.

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