Thu. Jun 30th, 2022

Facebook Hall A federal judge has been asked to dismiss a no-confidence motion filed by the Federal Trade Commission against social networks. In a new filing, the company That government “still has no real basis to complain about monopoly power.”

The FTC filed a no-confidence motion against the company Another judge That allegation, in June, said the government’s lawsuit was “legally inadequate”, but gave the FTC a chance to repay. The FTC has filed a new complaint . The amended complaint relied on the same arguments but was more detailed than the initial case. In it, the government argued that Facebook had used the acquisition of WhatsApp and Instagram to dismiss competitors considered “threats to existence”.

The allegation alleges that after repeated failed attempts to develop innovative mobile features for its network, Facebook resorted to an illegal buying or burial scheme to maintain its dominance. In a statement at the time. “In the absence of serious competition, Facebook has been able to improve its surveillance-based advertising model and impose a growing burden on its users.”

The judge has until November 17 to respond. Even if Facebook succeeds in dismissing the new FTC lawsuit, the company is still facing many other investigations into its policies and practices. European regulators have also opened a distrust Wound examination On social networks, and is also known to monitor the competition in the UK Company. The company is still lagging behind A whistleblower who has provided thousands of documents to Congress and the Securities and Exchange Commission, which he says The company “chooses profit over security.” The whistleblower, former product manager Frances Hausen, is scheduled to testify at the Senate Commerce Committee hearing Tuesday morning.

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