Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

The image in the Facebook headline expands its policy against misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine to include children

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In a rare advance step to crack down on misinformation Before It is the viral, meta, tech giant that was previously known Facebook, Is partnering with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization to remove harmful content related to the coronavirus vaccine and its effects on children. The announcement Combined The first Covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 with approval from the US Food and Drug Administration.

In the coming weeks, Facebook users will begin to see in-feed reminders that the vaccine has been approved for kids with information on where to find it. Introducing both English and Spanish versions of Meta’s reminders.

It is also expanding its anti-vaccine misinformation policies to remove false claims about vaccines and children in particular. This includes misinformation about the availability, efficacy, and testing of vaccines in the scientific community, such as claims that the Covid-19 vaccine can kill or seriously harm children. Posts that could infect children with the virus other than the Covid-19 vaccine will also be removed.

“This is not a single update, but part of an ongoing effort in partnership with health authorities in the United States and worldwide, such as the CDC and WHO and others,” Kang-Jing Jin of Meter Health wrote. A blog post The partnership was announced on Friday. “We will continue to clarify our policies and add new claims about the COVID-19 vaccine for children which we will remove from our app.”

FDA approval covers the Pfizer / Biotech mRNA vaccine, which is estimated to be 90.7% effective in preventing Covid-19 in children aged 5 to 11 years. The infant version of the vaccine, which comes in smaller doses than the adult version. , Will be given as a two-dose shot given over a three-week period. In the experiment, no serious adverse events associated with the vaccine were reported.

Over the years, Meta has often come under fire for failing to prevent the rapid spread of misinformation on its platforms, a problem that came in complete relief with the Kovid-19 epidemic. Right-wing conspiracy theorists, anti-Vauxhall and pseudo-science enthusiasts have always been Keep one foot On Facebook, and it didn’t take long for them to start flooding with feeds Nonsense About Covid-19 and the effectiveness of wearing a mask, added later Promotion The list is about the coronavirus vaccine.

Under increasing pressure from critics, Facebook has implemented a number of comprehensive new policies to reduce or limit access to harmful content. But many argue that the response has been too low, too late. President Joe Biden has accused the company “Kill people” By not checking false vaccine claims on its platform. And Facebook is not over yet Perform damage control: The hashtag #VaccinesKill, which would seem to be a clear competitor to Facebook’s banning hammer, was as effective as recently July Before Facebook is finally blocked.

Since the epidemic began, a total of 20 million items and 3,000 accounts, pages and groups have been removed from Facebook and Instagram about misinformation about Meta Covid-19 and the vaccine, the agency said Friday.

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