Thu. Oct 28th, 2021

There is Facebook Transferred Virtual Reality Illustration and Animation Tool Quill To Iñigo Quilez, the developer who created the app. Quillage formed a company called Smoothstep and rebranded the tool Quill by smoothstep, Which is now in the Oculus store.

The The original Quill app October 18 will be removed from the Oculus Store. It will still work for those who have downloaded it, but Oculus will no longer support the app. Users need to manually upload the creators to Oculus Media Studio instead of Quil.

Facebook says quill content shared on Oculus Media Studio or Oculus TV is currently available in Oculus. The Quill Theater app will be in store – it will be renamed VR Animation Player next month. The Oculus team also noticed that there are smoothsteps Open source Quill Theater’s IMM Immersive Content Distribution File Format (IMM) and both IMM Player.

Quillage Made the first version of Quill To assist with production at the Oculus Story Studio VR Short during the 2015 Hackathon, Dear Angelica. The image was first hand-painted entirely inside a VR environment. Other filmmakers have adopted Quill, with Creation work Using the tool Major films such as Sundance and Venice are being screened at festivals.

Some large companies are expected to enter or push deep into the VR and mixed reality space in the coming years, e.g. Apples And Sony. As such, developers of VR-making tools such as Quill have great opportunities for growth in the medium term.

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