Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Facebook is introducing new policies to protect users from online bullying and harassment. A Post Blaming the head of safety Antigone Davis, the agency said it would stop a widely coordinated harassment campaign targeting individuals at high risk of offline harm. It will do so even if the content that people post does not usually violate its safety guidelines. Additionally, Facebook says it will remove objectionable content in any form, be it direct messages, comments or posts. As part of the same policy, the company will remove state-connected networks that work together to silence and harass people.

If the above policy had existed in the past, there could have been a situation where Facebook could have applied it when Taylor Swift’s Instagram account was bombed with a snake emoji Dramatic breakup with electronic maker Calvin Harris. Speaking of celebrities, the company has also added new protections to protect the public from sexual harassment and shameful looks. To that end, it plans to remove profiles, pages, and groups dedicated to the sexualization of those individuals. It will notice “serious sexual content” including photoshopped photos and drawings.

“We have made these changes because such attacks can arm the public’s appearance, which is unnecessary and often not related to the public’s representative work,” the agency said. Facebook will provide extra protection for people who inadvertently become famous. This may include individuals such as journalists and human rights activists.

Facebook has repeatedly faced pressure to stop bullying and harassment across all its apps, especially Instagram. After the Euro 2020 final, which saw Three black players Faced with a flood of harassment in the English national team after England lost to Italy, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, promised that the company Turn on new featuresFor the protection of users. “There is no place for racist and hate speech on Instagram,” he said. “Using people that way is not only honest, but breaks down how Instagram works.”

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