Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Facebook is slowly expanding its efforts to disable political content from news feeds. The company is now testing its “less political” feeds in 755 new countries, Facebook said .

The company has already launched a version of the newly reformed news feed As well as Costa Rica, Sweden, Spain, Ireland, Canada, Brazil and Indonesia. But the latest update marks a significant expansion of the effort, and the total number of countries involved is more than 800. Facebook did not identify the latest countries to join the test, but a spokesman confirmed that the company news feed showed changes in each country “a small percentage of the population”. The spokesman added that the upcoming elections and countries at “high risk of conflict” were not included in the test.

Mark Zuckerberg first There are plans to make the news feed less political in January, just weeks after the uprising. “People don’t want politics and fighting to take their experience,” he said.

As more countries change, Facebook can help you learn more about how to reduce the temperature on its platform, which can be especially useful as there are allegations against the company for creating its services. To increase engagement. At the same time, the agency acknowledged that the changes could hurt publishers. Facebook wrote in an updated blog post, “As we gain more insight from these experiments, we will share updates of what we are learning and keep changing accordingly.”

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