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Riot police cleaned a terrace in Wisconsin in Wisconsin, where an armed group called Kansasha Guard to face the Black Lives Mater protesters on Facebook, a man killed two people and others were injured.  Kenosha Guard is now on Facebook’s list of dangerous individuals and organizations.

Riot police cleaned a terrace in Wisconsin in Wisconsin, where an armed group called Kansasha Guard to face the Black Lives Mater protesters on Facebook, a man killed two people and others were injured. Kenosha Guard is now on Facebook’s list of dangerous individuals and organizations.
Pictures: Mori Gash / File (AP)

Facebook has banned thousands of individuals and organizations involved in terrorism, accordingly Intercept reports on Tuesday, As part of a broader blacklist called Dangerous Persons and Organizations (DIO) that reflect the interests of the U.S. government and military.

List of Facebook, a Whose snapshot The site is reported to have been published There are more than 4,000 individuals and organizations, such as hate, crime, terrorism, militarized social movements, and violent non-state actors. Users who discuss this person or group may be penalized by social network moderators According to For a three tier system That Facebook announced in June, which determines what situation DIOs can discuss on the site.

For example, Tier 1 includes those who cause “serious offline harm”, such as organizing violence against civilians, advocating for damages based on protected characteristics, or engaging in organized crime. Facebook removes the “praise, original support and representation” of Tier 1 groups and statistics, as well as “violent incidents violations” that may occur by them. This level includes terrorists.

The second level includes “violent non-state actors” such as armed rebels in the Syrian civil war, for which Facebook will allow limited praise for non-violent actions but will remove “all original support and representation” or “any praise for the violent activities of these groups.” The third level is the least serious and the least limited. It consists of entities that have violated Facebook’s policies on hate speech and dangerous organizations, or intended to carry out “offline violence” on a short-sighted timeline, but who are “not necessarily violent or advocates for violence against others.” Based on features. ”Any person or group at any level is prohibited.

Intercept received a complete DIO list and found that 70% of Tier 1 was terror-related and “made up largely of Middle Eastern and South Asian organizations and individuals.” Others at that level include criminal organizations such as street gangs and drug cartels who wrote the site “predominantly black and Latino”.

The first level includes 500 hate groups, including 250 white supremacist groups, but Intercept reports that other “predominantly white right-wing militia groups similar to the hate group” are placed in Tier 3. Which includes about 1,000. This section looks at the scale of the company’s militia problem Claimed to have cracked down Will start from August 2020.

All told, 53.7% of the list published by Intercept is classified as terrorism, 23.3% Militarized social movements, 17% hate groups, 4.9% criminals and petty 1% violent non-state actors. As Verge mentioned, When Facebook nominates a DIO, it can have Significant and comprehensive Thousands of groups and pages have been removed as a possible effect.

The DIO list seems to have taken many of its hints from the State Department’s list of officially sanctioned terrorist groups, a roster that includes a large list of individuals and organizations that sometimes have only sensitive links to foreign terrorism, but deviate greatly from white hegemony.

This seems to be an explanation for Facebook’s stabilization on some groups and a relatively light touch on others, which Intercept noted could interrupt the debate on the site about whether they were really dangerous (or say, the US government should be sick) and advise war against them). The list includes insights into why the two anarchist publications, Crimething and It’s Going DownWere banned তারা they were both militarized social movements and classified under the “armed militia” subclass. Both groups have denied that they are anything more than intercept opinions and news outlets.

“When a large, global platform chooses to integrate its policies with the United States – a country that has dominated many parts of the world (and especially, in the last twenty years, many predominantly Muslim countries), it is simply rebuilding the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Jillian York, director of the Freedom of Expression International, told Intercept that the same power differences and the snatching of agencies from already vulnerable groups and individuals.

On several occasions, Facebook has supposedly had an independent oversight board Has issued a recommendation For such transparency the DIO list should be fully disclosed and clear rules brought. Facebook Brian Fishman, director of policy at the anti-terrorism and dangerous organization, told Intercept that the list was not partially published to find loopholes for listed groups.

“This is a competitive space, so we try to be as transparent as possible while prioritizing safety, limiting legal risks and preventing teams from getting close to our rules,” Fishman told the site.

“We do not want terrorist, hateful groups, Or criminal organizations on our platform, which is why we ban them and remove the content that is praised, represented, Or support them, ”he added. “A team of more than 350 experts on Facebook has focused on stopping these companies and assessing emerging threats.”

Full list, as well As a guide for Facebook moderators When applying restrictions, available Here by intercept.

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