Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

There is Facebook Two slide decks detailing his research on how Instagram affects adolescent mental health. The slides were widely quoted The Wall Street Journal A story earlier this month reported that the company’s own researchers found that “Instagram is harmful to a significant percentage of teenagers, especially teenagers.”

Instagram has tried to refute those claims, saying its research is flawed. But subsequent feedback has already forced the company to “pause” its work on an Instagram Kids app. It also increased the pressure on Facebook to publish the underlying research, which the company eventually agreed to do. Facebook’s security chief is scheduled to testify at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing on child protection on Instagram on Thursday.

Many slides have long notes with additional “contexts” of more controversial aspects of the research. For example, a slide titled “Perfect Image, Feeling Interesting, and Adequate Meaning” is likely to start on Instagram, saying that slide information “should not be used as an estimate of the average experience among teenage users.”

Other comments, such as one on a slide, titled “One in five teenagers says Instagram makes them worse about themselves, UK girls are the most negative,” try to ignore the results. “This study is not intended to (and is not intended) to assess the effectiveness of claims between Instagram and health or wellness.” (That line is repeated on several other slides.)

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