Facebook’s clubhouse competitors may feature a messenger room

Facebook Messenger room Clubhouse can provide a live audio broadcasting experience in the future. New York Times Report Back in February it was revealed that the social network is only working on its own version of the audio-chat app for iOS which has skyrocketed in popularity in recent months. We now have a clear picture of what Facebook’s audio chat experience can take based on photos shared by the opposite engineer. Alessandro Paluji, Who got the experimental feature in the social network’s Android app code.

The current trial version of the feature helps users choose their preferred cell as Facebook’s zoom competitor. One option is to start a private audio room with friends, another to start a private video room, while a user labeled “Live Audio” will allow listeners to start audio-cable broadcasts in a full room. E.g. TechCrunch Notes, the current iteration of Messenger Room may support up to 50 people, but it was not designed to provide a public broadcasting experience. This feature will change it.

Clubhouse gives broadcasters a way to host a group of listeners live – in fact Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg recently went to the platform to talk about their respective projects. The version of Facebook currently has an interface that looks like chat apps, represented by larger profile photos with speakers at the top of the list of users. The audience is listed below the speakers, which are represented by small profile photos. Paluji says anyone on Facebook can join a broadcast without opening Messenger rooms.

Meanwhile, the collapsed card of the live broadcast shows the title of the room along with the number of speakers and listeners.

Facebook has confirmed TechCrunch The images are an example of the company’s “search audio effort.” As with any experimental product, though, the final product (if it ever becomes one) could be a completely different animal.

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