Facebook’s oversight board has postponed a decision on Trump’s suspension

Facebook’s monitoring board Former President Donald Trump has postponed a decision on whether to regain access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts. A verdict was expected within 90 days of Facebook Mention the case to the board (In other words, by April 21st). Instead the board will make a decision in the coming weeks and says more of it needs to be shared soon.

The monitoring board called for a delay in the verdict after receiving more than 9,000 public comments. It has extended the standard deadline for public comment in this case. “The Board’s commitment to carefully review the rules of the Board has extended the time limit for litigation,” he wrote. On Twitter.

Facebook initially excluded Trump from his account 24 hours Due to policy violations after the Capitol Hill uprising on January 6th. After that The ban has been extended indefinitely. Although the agency maintained that suspending Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts was the right call considering the significance of the decision, it referred the case to the Oversight Board.

When the board finally makes a decision, it will take a week for Facebook to enforce the ruling. It will also take 30 days for the public to respond if the board proposes a policy.

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