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Good job, everyone!  Facebook made তৃতীয় 9 billion in the third quarter

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Facebook may face Undoubtedly The worst news cycle Of his entire existence At the moment, but that doesn’t stop it from raking in stunned Profit again.

The company reported revenue of $ 29.01 billion in the third quarter, up from $ 21.47 billion in the same quarter last year. The company also reported a number of some pretty fleshy users প্রায় about 1.9 billion daily active users, and 2.9 billion people using the Facebook app every month. Of the more than বিল 29 billion in revenue, Facebook has thrown in 9.2 billion in profits.

Facebook stock price rises nearly 3% in hourly trading after Bloomberg’s earnings announcement Report.

“We have made good progress this quarter and our community continues to grow,” Mark Zuserberg said in a statement before the official earnings call with reporters. “I’m excited about our roadmap, especially about helping creators, businesses, and metavers.”

What Zack has decided No. He is excited about some of the news that has come out about his company over the last few days. A consortium of about 20 different news outlets has recently been given access to one Fresh repository of documents Facebook’s whistleblower Francis Haugen details some of the company’s worst crimes, including hate speech, misinformation, and Much more. These stories began over the weekend, the catastrophe of the new report on Monday before the earnings announcement.

It also hints at how Facebook is going to change its reports from the next quarter. Starting at 4Q this year, the company said, it is going to split its earnings reports into two separate categories. The first is Facebook’s “Family of Apps” or “FOA,”Which Includes income from Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Segment number two is “Facebook Reality Labs” or “FRL”, which includes the company’s countless hardware and virtual reality products. As part of Zuckerberg’s push into VR and the larger metavers (whatever the phrase In fact), The company has announced that although it will not remove the Oculus title from its popular brand VR headset, it will remove the product Under the FRL label, A place it shares with much less popular Portal Tablet.

W.The media’s ongoing shit storm has not yet been created The company’s revenue is a hole, Apple’s running Privacy-centric updates Throwing things into chaos in the iOS ecosystem. Our outlook reflects the significant uncertainty we faced in the fourth quarter in light of the ongoing headwind and macroeconomic and covid-related factors since Apple’s iOS 14 changes, ”Facebook said in its Q3. Summary of income.

Facebook, for its part, saw it coming for more than a year, involved in one Full-on PR campaign Against the hardware giant as well as announcing some of these upcoming changes. And now that more users are coming out of app-based tracking Than before With the help of Apple, it seems that the worst fears of Facebook have disappeared. Last month, one of the company’s chief advertising executive, Graham Mood, Told the advertisers The company had a difficult time tracking a large percentage of iOS users through the Facebook ecosystem. The company will announce the mood this month Completely overhauling It counts individual users across Facebook’s features to account for some of these lost statistics.

Of course, Facebook is not the only app that is feeling the effects of Apple’s update. When Snap misses its revenue target of about $ 3 million this quarter, the company Says investors Apple’s “Don’t Track” toggles were responsible for an earnings call Jeremy Gorman, Snap’s chief business officer, said in a call that while the company has “jumped on the bandwagon with changes in the way it targets, optimizes and measures ads on iOS”, the revenue hit was “more significant.” Than the company expected. At the time, Snap’s alarming warnings about these effects were supposed to be deleted About $ 142 million Out of the market value of competitors like Snap and Facebook and Google.

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