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By Hannah Ajala

As an ambitious young girl, I imagined my dream home: a large, glamorous home to raise a large family in a quiet and impeccable street. There will be identical front gardens with white fences and freshly cut grass with colorful flowers.

The closest I have found so far to this fantasy environment is Wisteria Lane.

This pristine street is home to the characters of Desperate housewives, an American comedy-drama television series that aired between 2004 and 2012, bringing many twists, turns and dark secrets under the perfectly preserved houses. Despite the domestic unrest behind closed doors, the residents of the fictional town of Fairview maintain their appearance and these kinds of suburbs appeal to me strangely: neighbors who stay for themselves and retain respect regardless of the issues they face.

The California property where Eva Longoria’s character lives in ‘Desperate Housewives’ is a set at Universal Studios Lot in Los Angeles

Off Screen, Wisteria Lane is a set in a California backyard Universal Studios Lot known as Colonial street, which appeared in numerous productions, including the 1989 Tom Hanks film The ‘Burbs. In Desperate housewives, every resident of the street is most proud to ensure their home is distinctive from the others, whether it is with bold, colorful facades or a beautiful porch perfect for coffee and chatting.

My favorite house is that of the character Gabrielle Solis, an extravagant model who became a housewife, played by Eva Longoria, who lives with her husband Carlos and later two daughters. Stylish and cozy, with a large dining table and chairs that are perfect for dinner, the yellow house has a comfortable lounge for family movie nights (not that you will catch the glamorous Gabrielle lying around). There is also plenty of space for my yoga sessions (a pastime I share with Gabrielle) during breaks while I work from home.

This Mediterranean style house in Calabasas, in the LA area, has six bedrooms under its 10,000 sqm living space. It costs $ 13 million

The Solis family’s love for luxury continues outside: a pool and hot tub can be found in the backyard, cared for by a gardener (involved in one of those many secrets).

About 20 miles west of Universal Studios, in the mountainous yet calm town of Calabasas, this real life mansion, on the market for $ 13m, reminds me of the Solis block. The Mediterranean-style architecture seems to me just as perfect for Gabrielle, who incorporates Mediterranean-style colors and furniture into her interior decoration as it is to me. With six bedrooms between its nearly 10,000 square feet of living space, the home is huge and dazzling, and has a large kitchen to cook up the occasional storm and host the gatherings of friends and family.

Also in Calabasas, this $ 5.5 million home has a 1,000 bottle wine room handy for parties

For a slightly cheaper house similar to Gabrielle’s, I would be fat for this $ 5.5 million five bedroom house, also in Calabasas. It not only offers a 1,000 bottle wine room (handy for lavish parties à la Gabrielle), but has room for the large family I hope to one day have and beautiful California mountain views.

Some might consider striving to live in such homes as rude or ostentatious. I see it reflects the life goals of the hardworking and motivated woman I am. It’s just right that my successes are reflected in a place I can call my home. One day!

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