Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Far cry 6 Not even coming out for another month, but Ubisoft is already hyping all the things that players have to do (and pay for) after launch. Far cry 6 Danny Trejo, Ram Rambo and The Stranger Things Crew will be featured in a series of additional missions, which will be available for free next year and can be played co-op or solo.

Trejo’s mission involves providing Taco with Dani, the protagonist of the game throughout Yara. It’s called Danny and Danny vs. Everyone. The Rambo-inspired mission is called Rambo: All blood, And it features a heavily armed, cosplaying superfan in a story straight from a 1980s action jolt. The ultimate free mission is called a Stranger Things crossover Vanishing – Players must find their loyal weiner dog, Chorizo, upside down.

From the jump, Far cry 6 Weekly Rebellion Challenges and Special Options missions will also be available for free. Now, on paid content.

The Far cry 6 Season Pass will go live in late 2021, and it will feature three missions starring villains from the history of the series, detailing the story behind them through die-and-return mechanics. These missions are useful to play alone or with a friend, such as the original game. Popular Far cry 3 Rotate, Blood Dragon, Also includes season tu pass. Season Tu comes with the pass Gold version of the game, Which costs $ 100 on PC and $ 110 on Xbox One, Series X / S, PlayStation 4 and PS5. The standard version runs $ 60.

Whichever version you want, Far cry 6 Landing October 7th.

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