Wed. Oct 27th, 2021

Impulse Gear, the studio behind the renowned PlayStation VR shooter , Yes His next game Other virtual-reality FPSs take a slightly different approach to headlines.

It is similar to Hero Shooter , And . You will fight in 6v6 action in several maps and modes such as Team Death Match and capture the types of flag games.

You have to choose eight characters at the beginning. Each of them has unique abilities, an item they can deploy including you can improve each character’s skills, customize their loadouts and change their appearance with different skins.

Larsenats Just passed Overwatch When it comes to weird character design. Of course, that game has a talking gorilla from the moon and a hamster inside a round net. But Overwatch There is no sentiment mushroom like punching for the death of enemies, right?

You can hit your opponent with the fungus this summer Larsenats Comes , And Compatible headsets. It will support cross-bikes in Quest and Rift as well as cross-play.

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