Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

One of Joe Biden’s top coronavirus advisers has warned that forcing pharmaceutical companies to relinquish intellectual property rights to the Covid-19 vaccine could lead to a protracted legal dispute that could lead to backfire.

Dr Anthony Fawcett, the US president’s chief medical adviser, told the Financial Times that he would oppose plans to repeal international trade rules in the hope of improving vaccine supply in the developing world if it took too long.

The Biden administration is expected to determine its position on intellectual property rights at a meeting of the World Trade Organization this week.

Fawcett told FT Monday how he was “unknowable” Increase vaccine supply In developing countries. However, he added: “Going backwards, spending time and legal time arguing about the waiver – this is not the last game. People are dying all over the world and we need to get vaccines in their arms in the fastest and most effective way. “

Proposal to allow countries temporarily Override patent rights Covid-19-related treatment products were shipped to the WTO by India and South Africa in October. The plan was designed to help developing countries make copies of vaccines without fear of lawsuits. It has the support of nearly 100 countries, more than 100 members of the US Congress and several former members. World leaders.

Many experts have argued that steps need to be taken to supply developing countries with the Covid-19 vaccine, especially The worst outbreak in the world Taking place in India, where only 2 per cent of its population has been fully vaccinated.

There are pharmaceutical companies Return to war, Warned that there are not enough vaccine materials to open up global production and that doing so would hamper long-term innovation.

The agencies further said that the waiver would be fraught with legal complications, creating potential conflicts with existing national law and bilateral arrangements.

The Beadon administration said last month that it was considering a waiver proposal, with Foussi being a prominent supporter of the idea.

But she told the FT on Monday that she was not married to him and did not want to stand in the way of vaccinating in a more rapidly developing world.

“People will die if you take too long,” he said. “There are other ways to increase vaccine production around the world.”

There are some experts In favor of Companies will be forced or encouraged to share their technology with manufacturers unless they fully relinquish their patents.

Fawcett warned that this could mean Dosage will not be produced Until 2023

Instead, he said, companies should be encouraged in the West and to increase production. Dosage exportAs something has started to do.

Pfizer There are said A 10m dose was sent to Mexico, while the White House Promised To export 60 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, it bought one that has not yet been approved for use in the United States.

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