FDA’s decision to suspend J&J could help defeat Kovid-19

Earlier this week, Food and Drug Administration Called for a break Johnson and Johnson used the Covid-19 vaccine to evaluate whether it was associated with a very low risk of severe blood clots. Wednesday, this The break was effectively extended For another seven to 10 days, many are concerned that the FDA’s decision to stop distribution in the first place has unreasonably removed a key vaccine in the midst of the epidemic. This slows down the vaccination process and potentially Vaccines increase hesitationThis makes it harder for the town’s immunity to reach the doorsteps, even if Johnson and Johnson are cleared for later use.

But what the critics are missing is making it Tough decision Johnson and Johnson may assess safety concerns for vaccination breaks, intuitively, Help The United States defeated Kovid-19. This should happen Confidence inspires Among Americans, the FDA, no matter how rare or impossible, takes all security concerns seriously. As confidence in the system grows, so will the FDA Effective regulatory body And help control the epidemic – even if it comes at a cost Confidence in Johnson and Johnson Vaccination. What’s more, any potential consequences from the break can be mitigated in a variety of ways that will have a positive impact on the fight against epidemics and improve public health as a whole.

It’s important to remember the FDA Broad purpose. The agency is tasked with controlling medical, cosmetic and food products, most of which cannot be undone. If any FDA approval or approval is to be reversed, as a result Could be biggerAlso in terms of the FDA’s reputation and influence on American customers. In order to feel confident enough to be vaccinated in the first place, most people need to be sure enough that the decision to approve or approve in the future will not be reversed. Even occasional disasters can do more wrong than vaccinating people. So it is understandable for the FDA to take a lot of precautions and take action, even to avoid seemingly delaying final decisions. In light of this consideration, the FDA’s decision to take a break from reviewing Johnson and Johnson’s data is justified.

An effective FDA Much depends on trustWhat is lost is hard to recover. Few Americans have the time or skills to evaluate scientific information about vaccine safety and efficacy. Clear and predictable caution makes it easier for the public to interpret FDA decisions and to feel confident in them, which in turn encourages the adoption of approved and approved vaccines. When reviewing data from Johnson and Johnson stop vaccines, despite the potential damage Vaccination appointment canceled, Sending a clear message that the FDA is taking all safety concerns seriously. An evaluation can be done ultimately or without stopping the vaccines, but even or in particular, confronting the bad news builds confidence in the system.

Johnson and Johnson are also critical of what should be remembered Not the only vaccine Under FDA surveillance. Any missteps that can affect agent confidence are therefore extremely costly, influencing Americans’ perceptions. All covid Vaccines. An oversight to address safety issues for a vaccine can reduce confidence in other approved vaccines, most of which we will rely on long after the epidemic is over. Not to mention, the FDA is also responsible for supplying all medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and food, so the effects of loss of confidence can spread and damage public health in a number of ways down the road.

There are more risk factors than most people realize about Johnson and Johnson’s decision. Failure to take a break when it was deemed necessary would tarnish the FDA’s reputation and erode confidence in its other decisions. The Johnson and Johnson vaccines would be a lucrative trade-off to boost consumer confidence in the loss of consumer confidence or other approved Covid-19 vaccines.

The fact that we are in an epidemic raises the risk of the FDA decision but does not change the fundamental balance of this consideration. The Emergency use approval The route allows vaccines to be approved for use in public health emergencies before the full approval process is completed. Deviating from the standard, a credible EUA process could increase the likelihood of a subsequent reversal of the decision, which would put the right-leaning FDA at risk when we need it most. Then a brief delay, it’s worth it: we have incomplete alternatives to vaccines, but no alternative to trust the FDA.

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