Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Chipolo Bob has been around for a while as one of the companies orbiting the Bluetooth-enabled object tracker tile universe. But, last year the company said One spot tracker Was Able to access Apple’s Find my network, It provides the same superiority as a Airtag. Now, half a year later, the company is launching a credit card-shaped tracker designed to give your wallet the same level of protection.

Chipolo Card Spot (sorry, we won’t call it a card spot) can be attached to my network with your iOS device. If you leave it behind, you’ll be able to track it, and you’ll also have notification options if you leave it behind when you’re out. Chipolo added that the integral speaker would be shattered at 105dB to ensure that you would be able to hear it if you lost it. And it will tolerate water, if you have an accident while fishing.

If there’s one downside, it’s that the battery isn’t replaceable, so once the claimed two-year lifespan is over, you’ll need to buy a new one. Chipolo, however, says you will receive a 50 percent discount on replacement and a pre-paid envelope to return the expired unit. Oops, and you’ll be able to set it to Lost Mode, so when someone passes by Find My Network, it will hopefully make sure your stuff gets back to you.


Of course, a credit card-shaped tracker is going to be invaluable for those who want to take advantage of Apple’s latest innovation. There are several aftermarket airtag holders that will enable it to slide into a credit card slot (slightly awkwardly, mind you) and now we see more wallets with space for an AirTag hanging next to it. But all of them are designed to accommodate the slightly impractical nature of that circular design.

Chiplo says that Pre-order The card spot will open today, with shipping expected to begin next month. For a single unit, it would be $ 35, while a pair would cost 60, and if you want to get a single card spot and a pair of one spot trackers it would be $ 77.

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