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The KNP complex is General Sherman's base, the world's largest, wrapped in foil to protect it from fire.

The KNP complex is General Sherman’s base, the world’s largest, wrapped in foil to protect it from fire.
Pictures: Inciweb / NPS

The Giant Forest in Sequoia National Park is a green and brown wash and durable texture. But in the midst of that familiar landscape, something new has emerged.

Sequoia trees and landmarks of the historic park are enclosed in a shiny layer of foil to keep away from the flames. Extensive KNP Complex Fire. Foil has similarly become a growing common fire for homes and natural wonders in California. Strangely intense fire Near Marod (And sadly, through) Cities And Entertainment site.

The KNP complex is General Sherman's base, the world's largest, wrapped in foil to protect it from fire.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day.
Pictures: Inciweb / NPS

Trees are being protected for good reason. General Sherman is the single largest creature in the world. Standing in the shade of a huge tree, even with a group of summer tourists, is still an experience that can change your outlook on the world and Relationship with nature.

But the unnatural intrusion of climate change has now put huge trees and others in danger. Large, destructive wildfires have become more common and intense as a result of rising temperatures with decades of forest mismanagement. Sequoias are no strangers to fire, but they have adapted to the low-intensity burns that crawl along the ground instead of igniting our new age.

The foil wrapped around General Sherman helps remove some of the heat from the fire, essentially providing a more fail-safe version of the ‘thick, fire-resistant bark of the sequoias. The shiny things prevent the other from landing on the tree Line Defense. This is not your grocery store tinfoil, which, among other problems, will take ages to unspool and wrap around a tree 36 feet (11 meters) wide. Rather, it is a special type of foil, and we reached out to the KNP Complex Public Affairs team to learn more about this material.

This first summer shiny things didn’t appear in the woods; This is notably the case in Lake Tahoe Caldor’s fire is burning In the community above On the shores of South Lake Tahoe. There were no monster trees to protect the area where the fire was burning, but there were plenty of houses. Firefighters wrap some foil, and The strategy worked Save at least one house. The San Francisco Chronicle has some details:

It is laminated with aluminum on the outside, woven yarn of polyester and fiberglass on the inside, and high-temperature adhesive, according to Dan Hiring, founder of FireJet, the San Diego company that sells foil.

It’s not tin foil, he said. “After so many years it has been made so perfectly.”

Hiring told the outlet that the inspiration for this came in 1988, when firefighters at Yellowstone National Park cut off their protective fireplaces মূলত originally carried by firefighters when burned-and took them to a historic part of the park before the fire broke out.

Firefighters wrap protective foil in a historic historic Sequoia National Park sign.

Firefighters wrap protective foil in a historic historic Sequoia National Park sign.
Pictures: Inciweb / NPS

“They think it’s part of saving them,” he said.

That fire destroyed 550,000 acres of the park, and burned extensively in the lodgepole pine forest. The KNP complex in Sequoia National Park is fortunately not that big, covering more than 11,000 acres as of Friday.

But it threatens trees that have been severely damaged by climate change and are much rarer than the Dime-a-dozen lodgepoles (there is no shade for lodgepole lovers, whoever you are). Last year’s Castle Fire Park burned and destroyed 10% to 14% of the world’s total Sequoia population. The flames were so intense, and the winter that it was so dry, that a sequoia was found April is still foggy.

In an effort to protect the trees currently under siege, firefighters are there The wreckage is clean From the forest floor And there were controlled plans Basically burn to create more defensive space Around the demons, some of which were saplings when Julius Caesar was killed.

“Once we get to the Giant Forest, we’re really ready to attack that thing.” Mark Garrett, a Spokesman for the fire brigade, Told the Los Angeles Times.

In fact, the tree Willpower All need to be added They can get protection as the situation in advance can prove challenging in the coming days.

“Good ventilation will help increase fires. Gusty winds of 15 to 25 miles per hour will blow in the western afternoon and evening in wind-prone hills and deserts until the middle of this week. About the KNP complex.

Foil is a way to save some of the most iconic sequoias from this fire. But it’s clear that a lot of work needs to be done to reduce carbon pollution, starting with many controlled burns, so making sure the tree is wrapped like a Christmas gift isn’t an annual event.

Updated, 9/17/21, 4:58 pm ET: This post has been updated with more information about foil as well as other preparations other than foil wrapping To protect Sequoia in the Giant Forest.

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