Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

Android version Firefox Focus Browser Getting another level of privacy protection. Mozilla is coming Total cookie protection Features of the app for dealing with cross-site tracking.

Silo cookies feature from every site you visit in the “cookie jar”. Saving cookies separately will help prevent you from tracking them on the web and providing companies with data on your browsing behavior, such as details of the products you are searching for and the sites you have visited. That information may be used for advertising purposes and other purposes.

Mozilla calls Total Cookie Protection one of its strongest privacy protections to date and a key weapon in the long-term war against it. . In June, the company unveiled a new redesign of the browser When the privacy mode is enabled properly in Firefox.


Firefox has focus Privacy protection Enabled by default, so bringing total cookie protection there means Mozilla says it is the first Firefox mobile browser to offer this feature.

Many sites embed files hosted on other servers. To avoid problems with cookie isolation, including Total Cookie Protection, Mozilla is tapping And some other features. It says that these prevent websites from breaking down – SmartBlock typically replaces blocked trackers so that sites render properly.

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