Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

If you want occasional web search advice, you no longer have to choose Chrome or Safari. Mozilla Hall Assignment A Firefox suggested feature that, as the name suggests, provides relevant links when you type in a search, whether from the general web or Pocket. Look for Costa Rica, for example, and you’ll find a Wikipedia link that will help you learn more about the country.

The company is also working on relevant advice that relies on sending typed searches, click information and “city-level” location information. This may raise concerns in Firefox’s historical consideration Pay attention to privacy, But Mozilla insisted that early U.S. users have to choose.

The larger concern may be the objectivity of some of the proposed links. Mozilla plans to recommend content from “Sponsored, Veted Partners”, such as an eBay link when you search for Van’s shoes. While Mozilla promises “believable” ingredients, these may not be the most logical, organic advice. You can simply launch a standard web search to ignore these real ads, but that means you’ll want to look at some links carefully before you click them.

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