Sun. May 29th, 2022

The day has finally arrived. Following an eleventh-hour delay late last year due to a “Critical” battery issuePanic has begun shipping its long-awaited Playdate portable (spoiler warning: we love it). In an email it sent out on Monday, the company said “Group One” customers will see their handheld shipped out “today and in the coming weeks.” If you were among some of the first people to preorder the device back in 2021, Panic says you’ll get an email the moment it sends out your unit.

“We’ll ramp up our shipping volume every day to make sure all of our systems are working smoothly,” the company said said. “We think we can get Group One out the door during the next month.” Panic promised to share more information about Group Two orders, including details about delivery estimates, in the future.

Unfortunately, if you decide to order the handheld today, you’re in for a lengthy wait. “We’ve filled our production capacity for 2022, but we’re ramping up to make even more systems,” the company says on its website. “The queue for 2023 is growing quickly, so preorder now, and secure your place in line!”

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