Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

If you ever wished as a child that your imitation Fisher-price The telephone will actually work, well, your credit card is ready, because you can make that dream come true now. The toy company has launched a special edition iconic chatter telephone on its 60th anniversary – which is fully functional and can make it And Receive calls Before you start planning where it will appear in your home, be aware that it does not act as a landline unit. It connects to your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth instead and must be within 15 feet of your mobile device to work.

You get nine hours of talk time on a chatter phone on a single charge and it comes with a speakerphone button. Aside from the features that make it a functional device, this chatter for adults looks like its toy rival with its rotating dial, red handset and wheels. While the device can do nothing but call or take – and we doubt you’ll take it with you wherever you go – it’s a great part of the innovation gadget that can bring nostalgia. You can get a fully functional conversation for 60 Best Buy’s website, Starting today until supply ends.


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