Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

Your Fitbit smartwatch can let you know if you or your partner sniff too loudly. 9to5Google Comments Fitbit is launching a promised “Snow and Noise Detect” feature that uses a microphone. Feelings Or the Versa 3 smartwatch to detect the word “snore-specific” as well as the overall sound level. Theoretically, this could explain why you are waking up or feeling less than resting otherwise.

There are a number of requirements beyond the clock. You’ll need a premium subscription for ড 10 per month or 80 80 per year. You need to charge your device reasonably well. Fitbit notes that sampling occurs every few seconds and recommends at least a 40 percent battery level before you go to sleep. You need to be comfortable storing your snoring data, although you can delete it at any time.

Narrow hardware and service requirements reduce the usefulness of sound detection. Similarly, it can be helpful if you are already investing in the Fitbit ecosystem. This gives Fitbit a potential advantage over competitors whose sleep tracking rarely makes a fuss.

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