Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

A sports utility vehicle crashed into a Christmas parade in a suburb of Milwaukee on Sunday, killing at least five people and injuring more than 40 adults and children.

“The scene is still fluid, and the investigation is continuing,” city authorities in Waukesha, Wisconsin, said in a Facebook post, adding that police had arrested “a person of interest.”

Around 4:30 p.m. local time, the suspect drove a red sport utility vehicle through parade barriers and accelerated into marchers, police chief Dan Thompson said earlier. He added it was not known if the incident was linked to terrorism.

A video posted online shows the SUV bursting through barricades while police apparently set it on fire. A separate video showed the vehicle accelerating into a marching band in the main street, killing several people as spectators standing in the street shouted.

“Today, our community has faced horror and tragedy in what should have been a community celebration,” said Waukesha Mayor Shawn Reilly. “I walked into the parade at the beginning. I saw all the happy kids sitting on the curb. I saw all the happy parents behind their children. I can still see the smiling faces. ”

Local media showed a photo on Twitter of what looked like the red SUV, with its bonnet crumpled, parked in a driveway.

Children’s Wisconsin, a hospital in Milwaukee, said it treated 15 patients from the Waukesha incident and that there were no deaths yet.

“While we walked back between the buildings. . . we saw a sports utility vehicle cross, just put the pedal against the metal and just zoomed in at full speed along the parade route, ”Angelito Tenorio, an alderman in the nearby West Allis, told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

“And then we heard a loud bang, and only deafening cries and screams from people hit by the vehicle.”

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