Flappy Bird has been restored as an interactive MacOS notification

Floppy bird The Apple App Store hasn’t grown over the years, not since In 2014, just before the creator’s speed, the weather increased in popularity It has taken offline. Now addictive mobile games Has been reborn A form that no one expects: an interactive MacOS notification.

Using the new suite of customization tools associated with Apple Makos Big Tune Update, iOS engineer Neil Sardesai has successfully stuffed the fully playable version of the game into a push notification. This is technically A clone The original, created by Plecanvas creator Will Eastcote, is made with a significantly smaller file size (26 KB) that makes it a perfect match for Apple’s user notification UI framework due to the tight memory limitations.

Floppy bird This is not the first game that Sardesai has sunk into Apple’s interfaces. Previously, he created the classic game Pong As playing An icon on the Mac Dock And Google Chrome’s iconic browser fits the game Dino Runner Mac menu bar.

“Lately I’ve been trying to find fun ways to block the limitations of various MacOS APIs,” he told Gizmodo via email on Sunday.

By browsing Apple’s documentation In the framework for creating and customizing user notifications, he noticed that the latest version of MacOS allows developers to add “interactive controls” to notifications. Apple suggested to developers a few possible uses, such as adding buttons or switches, but Sardesai took a step back with the decision “instead of trying to embed a game in a notification.”

He has showcased The final product On Twitter This week tap players on the screen with mouse clicks will be the real use Floppy bird Towards improvement. Girlfriend caution: It’s as frustrating as you remember.

It’s safe to assume that when Apple decided to add interactive capabilities to its notifications, it didn’t exactly remember game development. Your curiosity is appreciated and I love that it has become a private mission on the Internet to discover the most amazing technology you can program to play video games.

And yes, we have already asked Sardesai before you say anything The inevitable question: Can it run? Destiny?

Destiny A push notice would be impressive, “he said.” The importance of effort! “

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