Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

British prosecutors allege police officer used unreasonable force against former black footballer Dalian Atkinson.

Former Aston Villa striker Dalian Atkinson died after being knocked out three times and kicked at least twice by an “angry” police officer, a jury heard after the murder trial began on Tuesday.

Birmingham Crown Court in central England was told that West Marcia Police Constable Benjamin Monk, who played for Ipswich and Sheffield on Wednesday, denied Atkinson’s murder and murder plot.

Prosecutor Alexandra Haley alleged that Atkinson, 48, threw for 33 seconds in the 2013 incident – six times the standard five-second period.

He told the court that 30 miles (50 kilometers) from Birmingham, at about 1: 1 in the town of Telford, after calling for unrest in the town of Telford, the footballer approached the officers with serious health problems, including end-stage renal failure. .

Haley said Taser’s third installation, adopted by the monk, was “fully effective” and caused Atkinson neuro-muscular disability before he hit the road.

The lawyer told the jury: “The standard default setting for a teaser is five seconds, but it is possible to override it by releasing the trigger.

“And the PC Monk Standard continues to trigger frustration six times the length of the five-second episode. The teaser was deployed for 33 seconds. “

He added: “PC monk Dalian Atkinson also went ahead to kick.

“At least two kicks were delivered to Dalian Atkinson’s forehead with enough force to hold the lace pattern patterns from the top of his boots in two separate places on Mr. Atkinson’s forehead.”

The monk’s colleague, Mary Ellen Betley-Smith, 31, also facing trial, has been charged with assault. He is not guilty.

Haley described the behavior of Atkinson, who claimed to have entered her father’s house, behaving restlessly and bizarrely.

The prosecutor added to the monk: “Not once was Dalian Atkinson kicked in the head, but in two separate occasions PC Monk was not there, acting in self-defense or in defense of others.

“She is OK. She is not angry. He chose this anger by kicking Dalian Atkinson in the head. ”

The prosecution alleges that Atkinson was the subject of an unlawful attack after using a teaser against him for the third time.

“They were entitled to use reasonable force to defend themselves or others,” Haley said. “The prosecution did not criticize their behavior before the third teaser cartridge discharge.

“However, when the last cartridge deployment was fully effective, causing Dalian Atkinson to feel a nervous breakdown and fall to the ground, the prosecution says it was not illegal to terminate the teaser for 33 seconds.”

The judge was told last week during the jury election that the trial would last at least six weeks.

The case has sparked controversy over the use of stun guns in a country where police rarely carry firearms.

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