Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Looks like big changes are coming Soon. Chapter 2, which starts all the way back , Will end on December 4th at 4PM ET with a one-time-in-game event called The End.

“Once Convergence is complete, Cube prepares its last game for Queen Island and nothing will ever be the same,” said Epic Games. . “Grab your weapon and fight the ultimate destroyer of all reality.”

Chapter 1 – The closing event was also called The End and it . Fortnite Chapter 2 was offline a few days before . Among other updates, Epic 2 brings a new user interface and new mechanics. The publisher says players will fight Cube Queen in “one last position for the fate of the island” and apparently nothing will be the same. It seems that in the near future there will be a bigger change in the realm of war.

If you have a bar or battle star, use them before the end of the season, as they won’t take you to Chapter 3. From November 30, Bergen Bean will be offering weekly discounts on character services and outdoor items business Fortnite Unused Battle Star will redeem automatically for the fastest available prize. If you have any remaining searches that you would like to complete, now may be the time to do so.

Up to 16 players can enjoy The End together. The event playlist will open at 3:30 PM, so it’s probably worth joining early to secure a venue. Meanwhile, since the season is ending a day before the epic plan, so are those who log in Fortnite It will receive a 225,000 XP bonus before it ends. Those taking part in the event will also unlock a special loading screen and wrap.

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