Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Bronco. Per. Time.

This was my motto while playing its preview build Forza Horizon 5, The latest iteration of the Playground Games’ Open-World Racing Series. Horizon is Forza Motorsport’s cool, microdosing cousin, festive vibe, ridiculous race tracks set in an orderly environment, and of course, a virtual garage that goes gorgeous.

Playground games

Horizon 5 A fantasy happened in Mexico, which is a perfect stumping ground for the 2021 Ford Bronco, an SUV I’ve been riding for more than a year in real life. This is the first new model in 25 years, it was styled after the first generation Bronco that Ford rolled out in 1965 and above all, it comes in a cactus gray colorway. However, for a number of reasons-global chip shortages, supply-chain slowness, and the cost of it all আমি I am unlikely to set foot on the new Bronco pedal anytime soon. Right there Horizon 5 Comes.

Horizon 5 It starts with a yellow Bronco Badlands bound to the floor of a plane, with a clear sky flying down the ramp behind it. Starting the game causes the car to get off the plane, parachuting you to the edge of an icy volcano. Instantly, you are driving at high speed, following a path down a burning hill and feeling the Bronco. It moves like a heavy machinery, leans to take quick turns and throws cannons in the street, tough but sensitive. (Mandatory, “I like my partners as much as I like my SUV”)

And then the next car comes down from the sky – a coupe in a GP 2020 Corvette Sting that runs much differently than the Bronco, turns on a dimmer and floats on the road. Minutes later, the 1989 Porsche 911 Desert Flyer Parachutes crossed a swarm of flamingos, zooming in on forest paths with gorgeous handling. Finally, the Mercedes-AMG One, a superfast hybrid sports car, ends the journey by running a plane.

Forza Horizon 5

Playground games

Each starting car has its own sensitivity and power. They all finally landed at the Horizon Festival, a huge music and racing competition held in the deserts of Mexico. It is the main center of the game and it is a party atmosphere filled with bright pink symbols, merry fan crowds and endless barrages of fireworks, confetti and hot air balloons.

This is where you get to choose a car for the first time and this is my origin Horizon 5 Mantra: Bronco. Per. Time.

It’s not the fastest or smoothest go of the Bronco game, but it does seem to revolve right through the rough desert scene. It’s the car that I like to drive in real life, and it’s incredibly satisfying it drives along hilly roads, charming city roads and in the center of massive dust storms.

To be fair, I don’t actually pick the Bronco Per Time – There are some races that the SUV can not only win, at its maximum speed and wide turn, and for that I will gladly use a sports car. But when it comes to exploring, I’m all about the Bronco.

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