Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

Microsoft’s game development teams are having a banner year. The company’s gaming head is Phil Spencer Published That Forza Horizon 5 It was the best launch day of any Xbox game studio title. So far, more than 4.5 million people have played Arcade Racer across all platforms (Xbox, Windows and Cloud), and its top contemporary players have tripled. Its predecessor.

Horizon 5 Glad, as you may have collected from us, but it further helps that the game was one of the most widely released releases from Microsoft. New Power Is launched simultaneously Xbox Series X/S., Xbox One, Windows via Microsoft Store and Steam. The game is easy to pick at this time, and it’s a major showcase for both PCs, including Microsoft’s latest console and high-end video cards.

All the same, this is a significant moment for Microsoft years later Purchase And encouraging developers to turn Xbox game studios into a well-known brand. There is a real chance the company will take itself, too, with Hello Infinite Ready to launch in less than a month. The only question is whether these standout launches will translate into better Xbox sales.

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