Wed. May 18th, 2022

A few days later he was permanently , Dan Bongino has also lost the ability to monetize Google ads. Bangino reports on Friday Google has sent a tweet suggesting that Pandit has withdrawn his AdSense account. Later in the day, Confirmed suspension with Google. The company claims that the website of the outlet Bongino has violated its AdSense .

“We have strict publisher policy that clearly prohibits misleading and harmful content around the COVID-19 epidemic and proven false claims about our selection,” a Google spokesman told Engadget. “When publishers continue to violate our policy, we stop showing Google ads on their sites. Publishers can always appeal the decision after addressing any infringing content. “

Bogino’s YouTube ban comes down from Google after trying to avoid previous suspensions related to the Fox News host platform . He posted a video on one of his accounts questioning the effectiveness of the mask against coronavirus. At that point, YouTube temporarily suspended Bogino. It then banned him permanently after he tried to post the same video on another channel, resulting in a breach of the platform’s terms of service.

In an episode of his podcast titled “I’m Daring YouTube to Do This”, Bogino said before the initial suspension that he would continue to post videos about his claim to the mask until the company took action. And while it appears that in both cases he actively asked Google to ban him, the loss of AdSense revenue is more likely to hurt Bangino than the loss of access to YouTube. On Twitter, Its co-founder A website that spreads COVID-19 and selective misinformation, Google lost রাজ 1.1 million in annual revenue after withdrawing its AdSense account, said Gateway Pundit, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting misinformation in the digital advertising industry.

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