French court rejects landmark agent Kamala’s lawsuit

The verdict on the widespread use of toxic herbicides during the Vietnam War to appeal to Tran to NGA.

A French court has filed a lawsuit against a French-Vietnamese woman against more than a dozen multinational companies that produce and sell toxic herbal agents used by the US military during the Vietnam War.

Tran to Enga confirmed to Reuters that the case was dropped on Monday. He added that he would appeal against the verdict.

The landmark case, filed in 2014, raises the case of 799-year-old Tran to Enga, who claims to have been the victim of Agent Orange against 14 companies now owned by German giant Bayer, including 14 companies, including US multinationals Dow Chemical and Monsanto. .

A court in the Paris suburb of Avery has ruled that the US government has no jurisdiction to hear a case involving wartime activities, AFP news agency quoted the ruling as saying.

Enga, a former journalist born in Indochina, France in 1982, sold Agent Orange to the U.S. government, accusing the farming community of causing him and others serious damage, which he used as a destructive effect in the war.

This reporter accused the agency of causing environmental damage.

Dismissing the case, the court said the agencies were operating on the basis of “orders” from the U.S. government, which was involved in a “sovereign law.”

‘Ecosite’ case

NGOs estimate that four million people in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia were exposed to 19 million gallons of Agent Orange sprayed by U.S. forces to destroy ground cover and food sources in a war with communist North Vietnamese forces between 19 forces 2 and 19 1971. Were were.

Vietnam blames it for causing severe birth defects in 150,000 children.

So far only military veterans from the United States, Australia and Korea have received compensation for the consequences of highly toxic chemicals.

The German chemical giant Bayer, now owned by Monsanto, and other companies have argued that the US military cannot be held responsible for the way their products have been used.

However, NG’s lawyers argued that the agencies should have refused to supply chemicals to the US military.

Agent groups say agents destroy orange plants, contaminate soil, kill poisonous animals and attack cancer and depression in humans as well as the human immune system, campaign groups say.

NGA suffers from type 2 diabetes and a very rare insulin allergy, arguing that the symptoms of exposure to Agent Orange

He said he also contracted tuberculosis twice and contracted cancer and one of his daughters died of heart failure.

“I am not fighting for myself, but for my children and the millions of victims,” ​​the NGA said.

He filed his lawsuit with the support of several rights groups, hoping it would turn into a landmark case of “ecoside” – a term used to describe serious crimes against the environment.

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