Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

Many of us work with – and manage – people 30 years older or younger than us. And sometimes it can feel like there’s a bit of a dissonance between the “wisdom and experience” that Gen X and Boomers can bring, and the “innovative energy” of those in their twenties and thirties. So what, and how, can both learn from each other?

Isabel (Gen X) examines how reverse mentoring programs bridge the generation gaps in a growing number of organizations. She talks to Alvaro Romero Artigas, a (Gen X) senior manager at Santander, the bank, and to his mentor, Philippa Whelan (a young Millennium) who has been in a reverse mentoring partnership since 2018.

Josh Chaffin, the FT’s New York correspondent (Gen X), talks about the different expectations of younger colleagues and the importance of making an effort to know colleagues with different cultural points of reference – and it’s not just an age thing.

In addition, Josh challenges Isabel’s firm ideas about corporate culture. He says younger staff and new staff can help change culture from the bottom up – it’s not just about older people transferring their institutional knowledge.

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What younger staff expect from their managers – tl; dr – they want a LOT of information and feedback. This is a very useful survey of IMD business school

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