From Star Wars Art 4th May Mondo, Bottle Neck, Spoke

New Star Wars art from Bottleneck, Mondo and others will be available on May 4th.

New Star wars Art from Botlenek, Mondo and others will be available May 4.
Fig: Bottle neck / mondo / unit

Toys and collectiblesAction figures, statues, exclusives and other merchandise. Caution: If you look here, you are probably going to spend some money later.

If you’re in the market for a new piece Star wars Art, the fourth may be with you. To observe Private Star wars Holiday, Many galleries, dealers and artists are selling brand new Star wars Art, and today we are highSome of our favorite illuminations.

First, the team at Mondo has this great new poster of Mike Sutfin We must be careful. It is available in multiple variants including it below which is a timed version. But other colors and racism will be available on Mondo’s site tomorrow at noon EST. Find out more about All of that at this link.

There is an illustration of the article titled May 4, 201 Star's new Star Wars art. Keep your wallet with you.

Fig: The world

Bottle neck gallery The various drops are also fun, all of which you can see in the gallery below. There MandolarianAhsoka Tano and Grugu, Hit the back of the empire, Even a new trilogy of Marco Man. It all goes on sale on May 4 at noon EST; You can see other forms, sizes, costs and More on this link.

Artist Scott C. Favorite on io9 here And he’s got five brand new showdowns that will go on sale for 48 hours starting at 10am EST on May 4th. See this link for more information.

There is an illustration of the article titled May 4, 201 Star's new Star Wars art. Keep your wallet with you.

Fig: Scott C.

This gang of spoke art teamed up with artist Joshua Budich to publish a series that he calls “Mind Tricks”. These are sorted randomly Star wars Screenprint pieces in a variety of content. The image below shows a few examples but you can read More about them at this link. They will be sold at 11 a.m. EST tomorrow.

There's an illustration of an article titled Star's new Star Wars art on May 4th, 201 Stay with your wallet

Pictures: Art Spoke

Last, but certainly not least, it’s a spin Star wars The idea of ​​the day. Artist Jason Edmiston is publishing his prints Spaceball Pieces from him Ongoing “Eye Without Eyes” series. They are being released very limited as two sets of 150 runs, and will sell for 70 70 at noon EST on May 4th. At this link.

Asholes have been enlarged around 19 & quot;  x 8.5 & quot ;, and my own best friend is the traditional Theological 9 & quot;  X5 & quot;  Size (both shown together above, for scale).

In the vicinity 19 “x 8.5” in large size, and My own best friend Is the standard 9 “x 5” size (both shown together above, for scale).
Fig: Jason Edmiston

Of course there are more – but those are just a few of our favorites. Happy hunting and the fourth can be with you!

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