From subway stops to soup kitchens: U.S. holdouts drive to vaccinate

New York City’s subway stations have been closed every night since May last year to allow a force of workers to disinfect deadly platforms.

That could give thousands of New Yorkers some reassurance to receive their vaccine at a station run by the state’s metropolitan transportation authority this week.

Pop-up job sites on the subway are one way U.S. health officials are trying to reach about 50 percent of Americans who are still starting to lose steam in a once-in-a-lifetime campaign.

“It’s convenient and it’s just a shot,” said Eddie, a housekeeper in Qatar for Johnson and Johnson Jobs at Penn Station on Thursday.

More than 1,100 New Yorkers received their vaccine at an MTA hub on Wednesday, all of whom were given free 7-day Metrocards in exchange.

Freebies There are also offers elsewhere in the United States: In Ohio, the governor of the state said this week that vaccinated residents will enter the lottery to win a lot of 1 1 million.

Interesting initiatives are part of a broader drive, including vaccine bus, church and amusement park clinics and door knock campaigns, as the American swarm seeks to get closer to immunity so that it can be fully reintroduced.

Almost Half of the US population At least one dose of the vaccine has been received, but as vaccine rates have dropped, the focus has shifted to vaccination efforts and attention. Hesitant Or hard to reach in communities.

Health experts believe that people who wanted to be vaccinated have already found a job with interest and must be hesitant about the second half of the vaccine and “vaccine busy” – people who want to get vaccinated but have struggled to go to a site should pay attention. Groups that have language barriers and difficulty accessing stingy centers are also being targeted.

“Initially, the focus was on how you could get high-dose vaccines faster,” said Colin Gounder, an infectious disease specialist and a member of Joe Biden’s former Covid-11 transit advisory team. “Now we are moving towards. . . People who are hard to find, [which] Many more appropriate, hyperlocal, culturally appropriate responses are needed.

The strategy is leaning towards targeted campaigns, and a number of mass vaccination sites are being wound up as people bring jobs to their doorsteps.

Running the Last Mile Vaccine Delivery Program in Massachusetts, John Chen, chief executive of Mascon Medical, has helped organize clinics where people can travel without registration and get vaccinated. They are located in churches, soup kitchens, malls and food production factories across the state.

He compared the tactics he used to canvass voters in the election: “Flyers, texting, knocking on doors. . . It has been incredibly effective.

At New York’s Penn Station, people wait in line for vaccinations. Niku Asgari / FT

A sign at Penn Station, New York People advertise free Metrocard for vaccination © Niku Asgari / FT

“Some people can’t even write their own names, some of them can’t get online and don’t know how to sign up or have time to go anywhere with this mass vaccine,” Chen said.

To involve people from different backgrounds, health officials have recruited people from the communities they are trying to reach. He said translators from Creole, Portuguese and Spanish have so far helped the Chinese program vaccinate 20,000 people.

The Baltimore Department of Health has also recruited people from communities in the cities that want to target Latinos and African Americans. Lettia DiGirasa, health commissioner for the Baltimore City Department of Health, said it is much easier to reach out to unsuspecting people to understand the concerns of the person they are talking to.

Last week, his group began knocking on doors in unprotected areas to increase the amount of vaccine received. “We’re looking at places in the city where we’re covered with the lowest vaccinations and the highest case rates in the true sense of where we’ve been first,” Jirsa said.

Wednesday, Disease Control Center Recommended Biotech / Pfizer vaccine for 12-15 year olds, creates a new vaccine

World: The number of daily vaccinations administered in the United States is declining

The Cove Island Marina and Lake Compound theme park in Connecticut is hosting a vaccine clinic set up by a Connecticut-based nonprofit healthcare provider Community Health Center, which plans to build temporary clinics for children even in the summer.

Mark Maselli, chief executive of CHC, said they had “made an impact on the working poor, who took some time to go to the beach on the weekends and were 25-45 years old, a group where Covid did not have such a large part.” .

In addition to subway clinics, vaccine buses are traveling to New York to reach restaurant workers and delivery drivers. Both attempts provide a one-shot J&J vaccine so people can’t come back for a second job.

Meanwhile, grassroots groups have risen to fill the gap left by state health officials. Rida Hamida used gradfunding grants to provide free tacos to vaccinate Muslims in Orange County, California.

“Healthcare agencies. . . “At the time, our community did not understand,” he said, adding that since a few black Americans had turned a church into a temporary vaccination site, they assumed that Muslims would be deprived. “They bring us all together.”

Black and Latino Americans lag behind US vaccine efforts May 13 column chart to show

Hamida said she knocked on doors, and talked to Muslims in the mosque’s car park and in restaurants and addressed their concerns about vaccinations. “A lot of these guys thought it wasn’t for them,” he said. “We ate and shopped where people live and invited them for halal tacos and they, along with everyone else, helped them understand this.”

Encouraging ethnic minorities and rural populations to get vaccinated is crucial for Joe Biden to achieve his goal of vaccinating at least 70 percent of American adults by one shot by July 4.

“The mass vaccines were all about home runs, they were brilliant and we did them well,” Maselli said. “Now we have to continue the innings.”

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