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Pictures: Bioware / EA

After the defeat of the indomitable Seth Lord Eulik Kell-Dromer at Mandlor in a double battle of honor, the Crusaders were brought down to the Great Seth War. But not all of them were satisfiedd by a non-Mandalarian, and when the war ended about 4,000 years ago Star Wars: A New HopeWith the expulsion of the Mandalarians from the planet Ondaron, a new group of Crusaders, calling themselves the Neo-Crusaders, rose, wearing a new Mandalay crown to counter-attack the Republic and the JD.

Unlike their earlier crusaders, the Neo-Crusader armor was highly standardizeded, to give a cohesive look to the different species adopted in the Mandalarian culture outside the main tribal group. The plated armor leaves the organic acoutrements leaving a smooth shape. The Neo-Crusader armor was also color-coded, denoting the rank of the Mandalarians: for gold. Field Marshal, for silver Scarlet for front line veterans Rally Masters (A middle-commander rank), and blue for all other neo-crusader positions.

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