Sun. May 22nd, 2022

This week, we look at two things that connect us to human history. First, How To Spend It editor Jo Ellison takes us mudlarking – sifting through low tide for treasure – to find remnants of ordinary life from hundreds of years ago. Then we explore the staying power of games: why do we love them? Why have we been playing some for more than 7,000 years? Our gaming critic Tom Faber joins us to discuss.

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Links and mentions from the episode:

– This week’s How To Spend It cover story and photoshoot: ‘Tide and seek: the hidden treasures of low tide’

–Lara Maiklem’s books are called ‘Mudlarking’ and ‘A Field Guide to Mudlarking’

–Last time Jo went mudlarking was with jeweler Ruth Tomlinson for this November 2021 article: ‘Why I’m throwing my jewelery into the Thames’:

–A great piece Lilah recommends on mudlarking by novelist Daniel Wallace:

–Tom Faber on the transformative power of games:

–Tom also wrote a great piece this week about the Cameo app and celebrity culture:

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