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Today at CES 2022, Samsung has finally unveiled the Galaxy S21 FE (or “Fan Edition”) phone. This is basically a tweaked version Last year’s S21 That is the company Sold For $ 700 from January 11th. It’s $ 100 less than the regular S21, and for the price this year’s model offers the same 5nm processor, the same 120Hz refresh rate (on a slightly larger screen) and a similar triple camera system. The S21 FE has a bigger battery, though, and it comes with Android 12 We’ll do a full review soon, but based on our brief hands-on with a test unit, the S21 FE seems to be a good round device.

At first glance, the S21 FE is not as eye-catching as last year’s flagship. Although it features a similar bump in the upper left corner for the camera module, its housing does not have the same glossy finish as the original S21. I like the previous style – it’s kind of humble. But the S21 FE feels tough and its matte finish also helps it resist fingerprints

The S21 FE is also available in a different color set than the original color: this time, you can choose from lavender, olive, silver or black (which is the color of my sample unit).

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

At 177 grams (or 6.2 ounces), the S21 is slightly heavier than the FE S21, which is reasonable due to the newer model’s larger 6.4-inch screen. The display still runs on Full HD + and looks bright and sharp. But don’t expect S Pen support like in S21 + and Ultra. Like the S21, the Fan Edition does not support Samsung’s stylus.

In addition to the size, the biggest difference between the S21 FE and the original model is in their rear cameras. Although both versions have the same 12-megapixel main camera with AF / 1.8 aperture, FE’s ultra-wide lens has a slightly wider field of view of 123 degrees. Also, FE’s telephoto camera uses an 8-megapixel sensor whereas the S21’s 64 megapixels, although they both offer 30x space zoom.

During my hands-on period with the S21 FE, I didn’t really put its cameras through rigorous testing and so far I haven’t noticed any major issues with image quality. The images came out colorful and clear. Oddly enough, the front camera of the FE is 32 megapixels sharp and the original one is only 10 megapixels. The selfies I’ve shot with it so far were really sharp and the individual strands of my damaged hair were painfully clean.

A close up of the triple camera system on the back of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

Similar to how these tweaks S20 FE Different from S20. Samsung says it has sold 10 million units of the S20 FE in just one year since the phone launched in Q4 2020, making that model one of the best-selling Galaxy smartphones in the past year.

Since this is only a brief hands-on and not our full review, I still can’t say how the S21 FE will stack up with other phones within this price range. But it is already facing stiff competition Pixel 6, Which offers excellent cameras and software at the same cost, although it has a polarizing design.

While the combination of features for a relatively low price may make the S21 FE an attractive phone to many Samsung fans, the company has chosen an awkward time to release this device. Perhaps with next-generation flagships on the horizon, Galaxy buyers may tend to wait and see what the company can bring to that launch. Even if you Death To buy a new Galaxy S series handset already, at least wait until we can test the S21 FE more extensively before spending your money.

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