Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

The Game Boy Advance Useful for more than this in the modern age Christopher Nolan watching the blockbuster. Gizmodo Comments That Tinker Rodrigo Alfonso holds Nintendo’s 20-year-old handheld Running PlayStation (and Genesis and SNES) games without special changes. The strategy, as you can imagine, revolves around a custom cartridge – you are technically running the game on a separate system.

Cartridge house a Raspberry pie3 The mini-computer runs the RetroPie emulator and streams both video and input via GBA’s multiplayer-based link port. Yes, it’s limited as you think – you can’t transfer more than 1.6Mbps in two-way and Pi has to regularly pause the processor of “poor” GBA for a few microseconds. If higher frame rates are important, Alfonso recommends reducing the stream resolution from the console’s native 240 x 160.

Still, the results are mostly impressive. Special carts can handle such classics Crashing Series and Spiro the Dragon Smooth frame rate, though some video artwork that reflects limited bandwidth. You can overclock GBA processors to improve frame rate and quality.

You need to create the cartridge and load the code, although Alfonso has provided both GitHub. It probably won’t replace A PSP If you want the most authentic PlayStation handheld experience you can get it. However, it can give you a reason to dig out your GBA from the closet.

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