Game Review: ‘Fergone’ is clever and well known

There are mixed styles My favorite has become the head of many old-school games ( Blaster Master NES and Intruder And Attack on Moscow The first ones that come to mind in Commodore on4) and the first blush, Previously Fits snugly in this state in a positive way. But it didn’t stand out enough on its own to create a classic experience that was truly unforgettable.

I have no problem encouraging a game in the referential genre columns, except when the final result is combined. Dark Souls, Metroide, And Dead cell, You would think that the basic elements and mechanics of these games would be proven quite clearly – at least from one level to another. Instead, Canadian developer Big Blue Bubble finds himself in an awkward limbo where I compare the classic titles mentioned above, at least in terms of level design and overall gameplay, to avoid Previously Looking a little pale in comparison. Still, during this trek through the various states of Calagan, I can’t say I didn’t have a very good time.

Inside Previously, The player assumes the role of an arbiter mod genetically modified super-soldier, basically. The arbitrators were created to bring justice by defeating Project Hera (a boss like some phoenixes who will test you in a few different ways) and recovering from the war-torn yet technologically advanced world of Kalagan. The setting in which our heroine finds herself is a very hint of the cap to the world Dead cell, And it does a decent job of reproducing the 2.5D aspect of the title and the pixel art color palette. The layout design has a similar taste, but these layers “Metrodovnia“Fashion – basically seen in both action and search techniques Metroide And Castlevania Series – Instead of relying on the procedural generation that makes each game-level level / dark random, and an abundance of “rogualaic” titles available today.

Previously Carefully placed after the platform tries to tell a linear story around the world, including the platform. Similar, same, equivalent Dark Souls, Previously Attempts to link Game World with shortcuts and secret passages, but unlike Dark Souls, Which is more open, Previously More linear and predictable – that’s not a bad thing, because you won’t get lost easily or mention it on a regular map. However, the story is not really highlighted through in-game dialogue; Rather it is said to be strangely scattered by the ancient chaos that you see scattered around the world. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work, because it leaves you indifferent to the narrative as a whole. Therefore, you fight more to play and overcome various obstacles without getting stuck in the story, which is embarrassing (especially for someone like me who really understands why and why not.) The firm has dug up the hooks) because there’s a compelling story to be told Previously.

When your presence is as fluid as the gameplay play Previously, Knit is hard to pick, but I’m going. For the most part, all you have is a beautiful ballet of bullets and blades that can sadly say that can get a little anxious. The arbiter’s animations are elegant, but it can be a battle of attack discipline together and gives the idea of ​​being “off” during even the most basic activities (saw blade or double jump or slide to go under the fire jet), annoying and avoidable damage. The Mill’s Enemies is an advertisement for mechanical and repetitive attack patterns, but it is offset by boss fights – which in a nutshell strike the right balance between supremacy, pattern recognition and authentic, adrenaline-fueled skill.

When Previously Touching the foundations of 2D Metrodovnia, the most beautiful itch for me was how the purses of ammunition (pistols, shotguns, bows, power blasters, snipers, and gunshots) for your wide range of weapons were parsed out. Your ammunition is strictly limited. To reload, you must not only collect new rounds (as expected), but must attack enemies at the armistice. It expands together into a variety of weapon-dedicated styles and becomes an indeterminate dance between distance / shooting styles.

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