Germany struggles to contain ‘very, very serious’ third Kovid wave

The data shows that more and more young people are being hospitalized with rapid respiratory infections and being admitted to the ICU.

Germany’s top health agency has warned of an “extremely, very serious” situation as the country is gripped by a third wave of coronavirus cases and a short vaccination rollout.

On Sunday, the Robert Koch Institute for Disease Control (RKI) reported more than 17,800 new infections and 104 deaths.

Despite the fact that the figures are usually slightly lower on the weekends due to less testing, the number of cases is increasing compared to about 12,200 cases and 68 deaths registered with RKI a week ago.

According to data from 700 hospitals across the country, more and more young people are being admitted to hospitals with respiratory infections and ICUs are filling up fast.

About 90 per cent of new cases are caused by the highly contagious B.1.1.7 strain known as the UK form.

Another area of ​​concern is the country’s transparent vaccination campaign, Analysts argue, Due to the European Commission’s botched purchase plan.

In the latest episode of a series of catastrophes between the European Union and AstraZeneca, the pharmaceutical company said on Friday that it would supply half of the prescribed doses for shipments to the 2-domestic block.

In Germany, about 14 percent of people in Germany get at least one job, according to the latest Hour World data, compared to the average in the UK, France and the EU.

Vaccination rates are a bit higher on Easter as several state centers are closed on holidays

Complicating the vaccine rollout is the official response from AstraZeneca Jabe.

The guidelines have changed several times – it was used only under 65, then completely withdrawn for fear of blood clots, was restored and is now mostly limited to the 0’s.

Due to the high number of infections and the limited coverage of vaccine rollouts in Germany so far, organizers of popular fairs and festivals have said that such large-scale events cannot be organized until animal immunity is achieved.

Meanwhile, Labor Minister Hubertus Hill has announced plans to introduce free rapid coronavirus testing in all workplaces.

“Everyone has to do their part, the world of work. To protect those who cannot work from home, we need to conduct a comprehensive examination of our business, ”Hill told Build M Sontag.

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