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Fig: Ford Motor Company

Because it’s not enough to bomb the roadside signals when taking a Sunday drive at leisure, Ford has A new system patent Which uses any car camera Identify billboards And then drag them to the car’s infotainment display as an advertisement for their uninterrupted vehicle.

Billboards are an effective way to starve a driver for a fast-moving restaurant, or to convince them to block the road and get somewhere they need to go. Nearby Outlet Mall Some discounts for Reeboks. Billboards that aren’t great provide detailed information like phone numbers, an address or a website, because even the big signs are often not visible enough for the driver or passenger to memorize important details. Ford is trying to solve this by patenting this new system – although there are greater possibilities.

Many vehicles now come standard with built-in cameras that are used to provide autonomous driving features, safety, or a view of the outside of the vehicle to make parking easier. All Ford wants to do is pick up the cameras to pass the billboards, and then use them. Image recognition Place a copy of the ad on a vehicle’s infotainment screen so that it is visible to drivers and passengers For many days. For easy dialing, the system will intelligently analyze the contents of the billboard and create hyperlinks.Link to a post phone number, or for Bring an organization’s website to see Additional information.

Ford could potentially even work with advertising agencies, or companies responsible for billboards. Upcoming ads will be delivered to the system ahead of time for training so that it can better identify what it is viewing and even provide customized URLs or additional content that results in loads. Y.Or maybe Hawking a hopper driving a billboard, and Passengers in the car may be offered the option to view the Burger King ad. The keyword “option is given,Because it may not happen one day.

Like the cheaper version of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader that is discounted thanks to the ads that appear on the lockscreen, one day your family sedan can come up with a huge discount if you want to tolerate dashboard popping every time random ads pass the billboard or, if you look at it differently, If you want a Kindle without ads, you’ll have to cough up an extra 20 20, and in the case of cars it could one day be very good. If you don’t want to, each passing billboard will pop up on your dashboard screen, Then you probably have to Consider advanced “Highway peace and quiet ” Package

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