Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

Who would not want to have a regular paid day off to go surfing, take a long walk – or to care for family members?

During the pandemic a growing number of companies have been experimenting with four-day weeks and in this episode Isabel talks to Andrew Barnes, founder of 4 Day Week Global, a non-profit organization that helps companies switch to a more flexible working week.

Andrew first brought in four-day working weeks at his own company in New Zealand, and found productivity and staff happiness rocketed. Isabel also talks to the FT’s Emma Jacobs, who has written about the benefits – and drawbacks – of four-day working. There are many reasons why corporate leaders do not like the idea – not least because some of them confuse presenteeism with productivity. But are these objections valid? Or could a shortened working week on full pay even be a way for bosses to hold on to staff – and halt the Great Resignation?

Want to read more?

Pilita Clark’s FT column ‘Get ready for the four-day working week’

Emma Jacobs’ feature on shorter working weeks during the pandemic

Emma’s interview with Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, an expert on shorter working weeks

Andrew Barnes’ organization 4 Day Week Global has lots of resources

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