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Just like you Misguided Boomer’s parents and isolated family member, Rudy Giuliani, collected his supposed “evidence” of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election from unsolicited posts on Facebook and other social media platforms.

This is an analogy August Eric Kumar, a former employee of the Dominion voting system, made 14 statements in a defamation suit against the Trump campaign. MSNBC reported This week. Kumar is one of several cases filed against prominent conservatives who fabricated the baseless conspiracy theory that he worked with Antifa to “rig” the election on behalf of President Joe Biden.

Inside FilingGiuliani, Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, has admitted under oath that some of his claims about Kumar’s alleged role in “The Big Still” came from social media posts, perhaps on Facebook, although he wasn’t quite sure because “all those social media posts reached me.” . ”

He said he never reached out to Kumar or Dominion before verifying the information he had seen online. November 19 press conference Where he and other conservative figures, including another Trump lawyer, were at the center of several election-related defamation cases. Sidney Powell, Has pushed many baseless claims about massive electoral fraud.

When lawyers asked Giuliani if ​​he had any other source to support his allegations against Kumar, he replied: “At the moment, I can’t remember anything else that I saw.”

In terms of elections, Kumar became Goat of unknown sacrifice For vote conspirators and angry Trump supporters. Right-wing podcast host Joseph Altman Conspiracy theories initially provoked claims that he had infiltrated an “Antifa conference call” (whatever it was) where Kumar, then the director of product strategy and security for the Denver-based voting machine maker, bragged about election fraud. Why Oltman specifically chose Kumar’s name remains unclear, although it is believed he was targeted because of his job title and anti-Trump posts on his personal Facebook account.

Court papers Giuliani did not spend “virtually time” investigating the allegations before he and Powell echoed them at a news conference in November, filed by Kumar’s lawyers. If you have a second, it’s really worth reading; This shit could be a script for a Live Saturday night Sketch

After being named by Trump’s lawyers, Kumar was spotted by conspiracy theorists for calling his head. He went into hiding a week after the presidential election, fearing for his safety Multiple defamation cases In the Colorado State District Court against Trump’s campaign, Trump’s lawyers, One America News Network, Newsmax and other right-wing media networks and statistics that spread these baseless allegations.

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