Global stocks are at record highs on strong economic data

Global equities rallied and the Treasury rallied after the release of encouraging economic data in the United States and the Federal Reserve’s assurance that it would continue to support financial markets.

U.S. retail sales rose the most in March 10 months The number of Americans filing for new unemployment benefits fell short of 1,933,000 last week to 5,576,000, beating expectations of economists.

Wall Street’s S&P 500 rose one percent to a fresh high, technology-focused Nasdaq Composite rose 1.2 percent during New York afternoon trading, and stock markets were also boosted by quarterly results. The FTSE Global Index of Equities in Developed and Emerging Markets rose a record 0.8 percent.

Shares have risen as the U.S. government’s debt has risen, with yields at the U.S. Treasury falling 0.1 percentage point to 1.53 percent in the ten years since November last year. When yields fall, bond prices rise.

The assassination of Treasury on Wednesday evening follows remarks by Fed Chairman Jay Powell that the central bank will maintain its asset purchase activities until there is “substantial progress” towards full employment in the United States. But fixed-income investors were somewhat surprised by the enormity of the rally at the Treasury on Thursday, especially given the sheer amount of economic data this week.

“We’re surprised that strong economic data doesn’t help push things higher,” said Oliver Blackburn, Janus Henderson’s portfolio director.

After long-term Treasury recently posted its worst quarterly performance since 19 since00, Blackburn said the market was due to “shortness of breath.”

“The market is moving very fast,” he added. In January, the 10-year Treasury yield came in close to 0.9 percent.

Others have noted that it is a growing geopolitical issue Thought Further uncertainty about the vaccine rollout between Russia and the United States and with the continued breakdown of Jacques JJ has further drummed up the US government’s debt demand.

For the stock market, economic data is aligned with what is becoming a bonanza earnings season. US Bank And asset managers seem to have just brought good news.

Bank of America released its quarterly results on Thursday, beating analysts’ forecasts and announcing a backback of $ 25 billion worth of shares. The director of the fund is Blackrock Published Its assets under management surpassed analysts’ revenue estimates to a record ট 9 a tonne. These updates followed Strong results From Goldman Sachs on Wednesday.

“The word you might think might be synonymous with ‘strong’ is what we’re getting for US data, not just today, but for the past two weeks,” said Gargi Chowdhury, head of the US Eisher Investment Strategy. Chief Gargi Chowdhury said, to Blacker

In Europe, the regional Stokesx 60000 index rose 0.5 percent to last week’s final index, London’s FTSE 100 index rose 0.6 percent and Frankfurt’s Jetra Dax rose 0.3 percent.

International dollar benchmark Brent crude rose 0.4 percent to $$ 8.60 a barrel, the highest level in nearly a month at the Paris-based International Energy Agency. Its demand is predictable For this year.

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