GM Cruise will operate a robotics service in Dubai

I want to hail a Cruise robot taxi As soon as possible? You want to book a trip to the UAE. There is the GM-backed brand Hit a deal To operate self-driving taxi and ride-healing services in Dubai in 2023. It will be Cruise’s first commercial self-driving service with vehicles originating outside the United States, Dubai said. At first only a few major autonomous shuttles will be available, but the city plans to have more than 4,000 sources on the road by 2030.

This measure is more like a cost-cutting measure than anything else. Dubai has set a target of reducing transportation costs by 900 million AEDs (about ৫ 245 million) per year and aims to save 1.5 million AIDS (8 408 million) by cutting pollution. Cruise’s electric robotics can help achieve these goals by helping many people travel around the city in an environmentally-friendly way while reducing crashes.

This is a high-profile deal for Cruz, which was just beginning The driverless car is being tested In San Francisco. Whether Cruz could land in other big deals is another matter. Dubai is a rich city, with ideal conditions for automotive vehicles, uninterrupted roads and warm weather all year round. The cruise will face increasingly big challenges. Winning the cash-cut city on the puckmarked, snow-capped road could be more than a pilot project for the cruise, a sign that robotaxis is fully prepared to serve the public.

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